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Tips for Parents, Teens to Help With College Transition

It’s that time of year when many high school seniors are settling into their choice of university and imagining what life is going to be like without mom and dad around all the time. They envision endless party nights without curfews or check-ins. Their minds wander to days without their parents hovering over their shoulder […]

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Is It Multitasking or Is It a Distraction?

The glorification of busy and the association of busy-ness with success has encouraged a culture of multitasking. Twenty years ago, even the most successful business person was able to disconnect from work, at the very least, on weekends, typically on weeknights as well. Unfortunately, handheld devices have gifted businesses the 24/7 employee and offer endless distractions […]

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The Albert Clock Makes Math Fun

The Albert Clock just might be the wake-up call needed to feel sharp and positive first thing in the morning. It might even be the tool that makes math fun for kids (and adults). What Is the Albert Clock Created by two French men, the Albert Clock is a unique, digital wall clock that requires […]

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Get Newlyweds the Gift They Really Want

The church bells are waiting to be rung, brides are ready to walk down the aisle, and parents are nervously awaiting the final bill; wedding season is around the corner! Even though the first wedding of the season may be a few weeks away, there is no better time to prepare than now. Gift registry […]

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How To Text Your Teen During A Divorce

During their parents’ divorce, some teens might struggle with the changes to their everyday life and face bits of emotional stress. While every child is affected in some way by divorce, teenagers seem to be affected the most simply because of their stage of life and the level of awareness they have. Teens are going […]

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Is Slow Tech Parenting For Your Family?

Despite a requirement of adulthood being a high-tech, fast-paced life, that doesn’t necessarily mean parents are ready to introduce technology into the lives of their children so quickly. The Slow Tech Parenting movement is making its rounds on parenting sites everywhere, and moms and dads are trying to decide what kind of parenting style works […]

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