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Family Movies Coming to Netflix and Hulu in August 2017

Every month, streaming services like Netflix, and Hulu say goodbye to loads of movies and television and add a slew of new options for subscribers. Here at FamilyTech, we take a look at the incoming films and pick some that look like a good fit for family viewing. And you know this already, but keep […]

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It Takes An Online Village

You’ve heard it before; it takes a village to raise a child. And, sometimes parents find that this couldn’t be any truer. The modern working parent will have more job titles than those of the past; transitioning on average every three years. This means it is likely that the modern parent will find themselves not […]

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Family Fun, Parenting

5 Perfect Board Games For Your Next Family Game Night

What’s your favorite family board game? Whether it’s too hot to go outside or raining cats and dogs, board games are perfect for family entertainment. Aside from the laugh-out-loud fun that many of these games entail, board games can also promote learning and develop important life skills like problem-solving, sportsmanship, and the ability to laugh […]

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Tech Products

5 Ideas For a Smart Home Renovation

There are certain times throughout the year that people start to consider renovations to their home. While summer is prime buying and selling time, it’s also the perfect time to upgrade for future sales. If selling is in your near future, consider adding some smart home technology. A recent survey found that a quarter of […]

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Online Safety, Parenting

This Facebook Tool Helps Find Missing Children

Most parents can remember a time when only milk cartons, radio broadcasts, and local news programs were used to disseminate information about missing children. Unsurprisingly, these largely outdated mediums were limited in their reach as images of missing children took weeks to appear on milk cartons, radio bulletins lacked visual representations, and the local news […]

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7 Tools That Help Work-From-Home Parents Stay Productive

Working from home comes with many distractions. The dishes are screaming for attention. The laundry begs to be thrown in the washing machine. The TV beckons parents to take a break. Being a work-from-home parent can be rewarding, but, it also requires lots of self-control and organization to stay productive. And, if the kids are […]

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